The Council is made up of 21 elected or co-opted members, representing the 16 wards of Pontypool

These members make decisions on a range of services and activities which support the local community, liaising with Torfaen County Borough Council when other issues of interest or concerns arise.

For an overview of the role of a councillor, please download the “Good Councillors Guide” from OneVoice Wales.


  • Chairman: Matt Ford
  • Vice Chair: Jon Horlor
  • Leader: Gaynor James
  • Deputy Leader: Rose Matthews

Ward Map

Ward Map


Lyn Clarkson

Cllr Lyn Clarkson

Welsh Labour

Lyn Clarkson

Cllr John Cox

07940 582593
Welsh Labour

Jools Rogers

Cllr Jools Rogers
07554 327227
Welsh Labour

Bob Rogers

Cllr Bob Rogers
07927 790496
Welsh labour

Matt Ford

Cllr Matt Ford (Chair)

07488 232064
Welsh Labour

Jon Horlor

Cllr Jon Horlor (Vice Chair)

07789 554281
Welsh Labour

Nick Byrne

Cllr Nick Byrne

07989 726177
Welsh Labour

Rose Matthews

Cllr Rose Matthews (Deputy Leader)
07584 037726
Welsh Labour

Jon James

Cllr Jon James

07866 728637
Welsh Labour

Nick Simons

Cllr Nick Simons
07527 914524
Welsh Labour

Nick Simons

Cllr Gaynor James (Leader)

01495 750330 / 07970 673613
Welsh Labour

Sue Malson

Cllr Sue Malson

07729 793450
Welsh Labour

Nicholas Jones

Cllr Nicholas Jones
07746 173069
Welsh Conservative

Richard Overton

Cllr Richard Overton
07971 423258
Welsh Conservative

Jonathon Martin

Cllr Jonathon Martin
07500 347983
Welsh Conservative

Lisa Ann Jones

Cllr Lisa Ann Jones

Welsh Labour


There are currently no vacancies. Please come back and check again in future.

Chairman’s Charity

Tody Butt

Each year, the current Chairman is invited to select up to two charities to support.

This year the Chairman has chosen to support Tidy Butt.