Council Meetings Details

  • Pontypool Community Council meets every month excluding August.

  • The Full Council is supported by four principal committees.

  • Meetings are predominantly held on Wednesday evenings.

Committees Timetable

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MonthEstablishment CommitteeFinance, Governance and Policy CommitteeEvents CommitteePlanning and Environment CommitteeFull Council
May    17th
July 5th 12th26th
AugustSummer RecessSummer RecessSummer RecessSummer RecessSummer Recess
October 4th 11th25th
December    13th
February 7th 14th28th
April 3rd 10th24th
May    15th



All personnel and staffing matters

  • Chair: Councillor Gaynor James
  • Vice-Chair: Councillor Matt Ford

Councillors: Nick Byrne, Lizzie Hunt, Jon Horlor, Jon James, Jonathan Martin, Rose Matthews, Caroline Price, Nathan Warren.

Finance, Governance & Policy

Financial matters including preparation of budget, monitoring of all income and expenditure, Internal Controls, Audit, Grants, Policies

  • Chair: Councillor Lizzie Hunt
  • Vice-Chair: Councillor Nick Byrne

Councillors: Jon Horlor, Jon James, Nick Jones, Allan Peploe, Jonathan Martin, Caroline Price, Bob Rogers, Jools Rogers and (ex-officio) Chair (Councillor Matt Ford) and Leader (Councillor Gaynor James).


All Events of the Council – Eisteddfod, Christmas Cavalcade, Party in the park, Environmental Quiz, and many more

  • Chair: Councillor Rose Matthews
  • Vice-Chair: Councillor Caroline Price

Councillors: Anne Gunter, Jon Horlor, Lizzie Hunt, Nick Jones, Sue Malson, Bob Rogers, Jools Rogers, Nick Simons and (ex-officio) Chair (Councillor Matt Ford) and Leader (Councillor Gaynor James).


All planning and development matters including planning applications, plenary powers and planning determinations

  • Chair: Councillor Jon James
  • Vice-Chair: Councillor Nathan Warren

Councillors: Nick Byrne, Lynda Clarkson, Jon Cox, Anne Gunter, Richard Overton, Caroline Price, Jools Rogers, Nick Simons, and (ex-officio) Chair (Councillor Matt Ford) and Leader (Councillor Gaynor James).


To access the agendas, minutes and supplementary reports for each meeting, please click on the link below for the relevant committee.


Finance, Governance and Policy

Planning and Environment

Full Council