View the Council’s responsibilities when it comes to play equipment and facilities in Pontypool

In some cases The Council have worked with Torfaen County Borough Council in order to provide the services listed below.

In November, installation of a new wheelchair accessible roundabout was installed in the children’s play area within Pontypool Park. Following this, Pontypool Community Council funded the interactive Musical Stepping Stones.

The Council provide and maintain noticeboards across Pontypool. Information regarding the Council and any statutory notices are displayed here, informing people of events and activities across the area, as well as Council meetings.

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The Council have worked with Torfaen County Borough Council to install dozens of doggy/litter bins over the last 10 years.

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Pontypool Community Council have located benches throughout Pontypool.

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If you would like to suggest a location for a noticeboard/bench/bin or would like to talk to us about play equipment near you, please contact us.